Electronic Content Management (ECM) Solutions

Organizations are inundated with information, from paper documents, to forms, emails and voice mail messages to legal contracts, spreadsheets, marketing and web content, to information from back end systems and home grown applications. No wonder recent research indicates that the average information worker spends over 20% of their day looking for miss organized, misfiled, or worse yet… lost content. How frustrating for management and employees who have to spend time searching for a particular document that has been poorly categorized or not categorized at all. Let alone the time wasted in response to the customer or that mission critical deliverable deadline.

Not only does this cause inefficient work processes, it leaves many organizations exposed if they are unable to respond timely to requests for information, potentially casing them to be out of compliance from governing bodies, corporate mandates and internal policies.

A comprehensive, user friendly, Enterprise Content Management System can help manage both structured and unstructured data, making better use of employee’s time and valuable resources.

With extensive expertise in the ECM space, let INNOVA Consultants show you how to leverage the benefits of you Microsoft Platform to address the needs of:

  • E-Discovery
  • Workflow approvals
  • Audit Trails
  • Collaboration
  • Forms Management
  • Search Solutions
  • Retention and Archival
  • Records Management
  • Document Management
  • Web Content Management

Document Management

How does your organization track documents through their entire life cycle from creation, revisions, approvals, modifications, to new versions? We give our clients the ability to improve process and collaboration in regards to the management of all their internal and external documents. Our centralized and managed storage methods allow us to accurately predict storage requirements and protect information assets against unauthorized use and inadvertent loss by providing item-level security and server-side information rights We look to promote the collective expertise of your entire organization and facilitate collaboration through document check-in and checkout, version control, and workflows that automate the approval/review process:

  • Capture Content
  • Categorize and Organize Content
  • Find and Retrieve Information
  • Allow for Structured Document Authoring
  • Collaborate on Documents
  • Set Policies to Audit Usage and Track Information
  • Protect Information
  • Automate Business Processes

Records Management

Is your company compliant with new laws, rules, and regulations concerning the management of company information? Recent government actions such as Sarbanes-Oxley and the December 1st, 2006 amendment by the Federal Rules for Civil Procedures concerning electronically stored information has made the need for records management policies a necessity in any business. We help your company secure structured and unstructured data in an effort to create transparency for auditing or legal purposes. A good records management policy is the cornerstone of any risk management policy or disaster recovery plans. We insure the preservation of your company’s vital information:

  • Categorize and Organize Incoming Records
  • Protect Business Records
  • Manage Retention Schedules of Different Record Types
  • Manage E-mail as Records
  • Manage Legal Discovery
  • Audit and Report on Repository Usage
  • Message Archiving

Web Content Management

One of the goals of an effective content management system is to help businesses communicate with employees, partners, and customers. We place the publishing power of this content into the hands of the individuals that have the responsibility of communicating a quality and consistent branding message. An employee unfamiliar with web design can simply author and update content from a familiar Microsoft Word environment. The content can then be automatically converted to an html format and a workflow can be created to get manager approval prior to being posted to the site:

  • Author Web Content
  • Control Content Presentation and Navigation
  • Manage Multiple Websites
  • Publish Content to Intranet, Extranet, and Internet Sites
  • Manage Variations of Content for Languages and Mobile Devices
  • Manage Site Content and Deployment
  • Deliver Content to Web Users

Forms Management

Forms are a key component of any business process and are typically used to capture and validate data within a process. We can electronically incorporate forms into your business process automation initiatives. Workflows and web services can be created that send these forms to various systems such as Oracle, SAP, and more. Your IT systems begin to speak with each other using our integration solutions. Forms can also be integrated with end-user applications such as Microsoft Outlook to streamline and track customer service requests. These forms can be securely extended to customers or employees via the Internet, Extranet, or Intranet:

  • Help Users to Reach More Customers, Partners, and Suppliers
  • Streamline Forms-Driven Business Processes
  • Design, Deploy, and Centrally Manage Forms Solutions

Enterprise Search

One of the many goals in moving information into a managed environment is to allow users to find the relevant information that they need quickly and easily. An enterprise search engine that uses the latest search algorithms can find information not only within your document management repository, but also in other systems that we have integrated into your ECM systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems and file shares.