Infrastructure Assessments

Did you know that Forrester research lists Business alignment and IT strategy as one of highest ranked IT challenges for several consecutive years? And without the right tools and methodologies, the chasm widens as budgets and resources become scarce in our “do-more-with-less” corporate culture.

Choosing to work with the INNOVA team of industry experts takes the guess work and uncertainty out of bridging the Business Side / IT Side gap. With proven tools and methodologies to insure alignment of business objectives, company culture, and corporate priorities while leveraging the tools you need to succeed.

We offer a detailed analysis of core applications, platforms, processes and technologies and provide a solid infrastructure analysis, addressing stakeholder’s needs, identifying week points, while planning for business trends, and new technology initiatives.

Our assessments may include the following:

  • Infrastructure Environment Assessment
  • Information Architecture
  • Current IT State and Business Initiative Recommendations
  • Microsoft Platform Assessments
  • SharePoint Application Assessments
  • Microsoft Planning “Road-mapping” sessions
  • Snap-Shot Assessments
  • Project Scoping
  • SharePoint Application Assessments