Project Introduction

The City of Independence Power & Light (IPL) requested the services of INNOVA Consulting Group, to provide consulting resources, based on the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform for support in proving compliance with Standards during audits, as IPL must produce documentation of the development, implementation, and review of plans, policies, procedures, and actions, which show continuous adherence to the Standards. Microsoft SharePoint (SP) Foundation 2010 was the current version of MS SP used to centrally locate documents. IPL required further assistance for development of tracking, monitoring and measuring compliance. And help with designing, developing and implementing SharePoint 2013.

IPL currently had expertise in using SharePoint on staff, but needed additional development support and technical assistance beyond the current knowledge level in house. The scope of the services were to review, evaluate, and provide recommendations for further development of the compliance site to better manage documents and automate key compliance processes with an eye toward Governance in this solution offering

Areas set forth to be addressed during the engagement were:

  • SharePoint 2010 Foundation technical assistance
  • SharePoint 2013 recommendation and implementation support
  • Document management and collaboration
  • Site pages and site templates
  • Approval workflows and workflow templates
  • New user set-up and permissions
  • Infrastructure validation and recommendations
  • Assistance with functionality and general knowledge transfer

INNOVA utilized their Center of Excellence (CoE) deployment methodology for this project, with transparent project estimators, dynamic wireframes, and 24/7 client access to their cloud environment for the duration of the project. INNOVA provided weekly status reports, web sessions and executive oversight, to insure successful delivery for their Standards and Compliance objectives of this project engagement.